Community Sub-Group Cycling and Walking Routes Investigation

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The Greater Thetford Development Partnership (GTDP) Community Subgroup is conducting on an investigation in to cycling and walking routes in and around Thetford, and how they could be improved.

Public Input Provided

Over the summer of 2017, the sub-group requested feedback from individuals, organisations and community groups about local cycling and walking routes, and in particular in the following areas:

  • Existing Routes
    Any problems that make them difficult, dangerous or even impossible to use? Think narrow or obstructed routes, or problems caused by poor surfaces.

  • Gaps in Routes
    Any gaps in existing routes, such as short missing links or busy roads without suitable crossing points?

  • Missing Routes
    Any routes missing completely or that you would like to see? This might include the lack of a pavement alongside a road, or being forced to cycle along a busy road.

Feedback could be provided online, by post or in person. A total of 32 responses were received. Icon for pdf View the responses [799.59KB]

What Happens Next

The Sub-Group considered the responses received at its September meeting and is now working on a report for the GTDP Board to consider. The report will summarise the issues identified, and suggest priorities for improvements that will bring most benefit to the community. It will then be up to the various partners on the Board whether and how they implement the recommendations.

An initial Icon for pdf first draft of the report [6.1MB] was considered by the Community Sub-Group at its January 2018 meeting. Further work is ongoing to get a better idea of what improvements might be possible and how they might be achieved given the availability of resources.

A Icon for pdf second draft of the report [20.22MB] was prepared in March 2018, adding photos and maps and a few more issues based on feedback received.

AIcon for pdf third draft of the report [2.38MB] was prepared in May 2018. The various proposed actions have been put into groups, with recommendations for how to proceed with each one.

TheIcon for pdf final version [20.25MB] of the reportIcon for pdf (reduced image quality version) [4.42MB] was presented to the GTDP Board at its meeting on 11th June 2018.

Rather than taking a position on the recommendations, the Board asked for further discussion with Council Officers about the various projects listed.

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